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Dispensing Tools

Wholesale Dispensing Tools that make dispensing your soap and cosmetic ingredients easy and efficient. One of our favorites is the Soap Making Squeeze Bottle that makes creating designs in soaps easy!

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Decorator Pro - Stainless Steel
Perfect for piping soap frosting or filling small containers such as 1/2 & 1 oz mailbu tubes. Holds 8 oz.
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$50.95 for 1 Each

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Mesh Bath Tea Ball
Perfect for completely submerge bath tea for long periods of time. It securely holds the herbs thus preventing them from floating in your bath water. Measures: 2" diameter
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$4.95 for 1 Piece
$37.95 for 10 Piece
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Pail Opener
Our pail opener is idea for opening 3.5 and 5 gallon buckets.
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$3.95 for 1 Each
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Rotary Drum Pump
Perfect for pumping oils, lotions and shower gels from 50-55 gallon drums! Pump stays attached to drum so that you can pump product as needed. As long as cross contamination does not occur and safe practices are used, pump can be reused.
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$200.35$248.95 for 1 Set

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Soap Making Squeeze Bottle
This easy to squeeze, wide-mouth bottle is perfect for soap making. Ideal tool for creating swirls, straight lines and intricate designs. 1 set = 2 bottles & 2 tops
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$4.95 for 1 Set
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